One and Done

Create a simple Mozmill test

Create your first simple Mozmill test
Estimated time: 60 minutes
Tags: coding


  1. Download the latest mozmill environment for your platform
  2. Unzip the archive, and open the console by executing the run file inside
  3. Download and install the DOM inspector add-on
  4. Download and install the Inspect context add-on, which will allow you to right click an element, and hit Inspect in the context menu to trigger the Dom Inspector
  5. Clone the mozmill-tests repository: hg clone


We want you to start coding with us! Let's create a mozmill test and in the process, make use of the DOM Inspector tool.

  • Create your test file inside the templates folder
    • Use one of the templates from the mozmill-tests repository, or look out for any existing test to get the skeleton.
  • The test should cover:
    • Open the password manager test page (hint: use BASE_URL as in other tests), and wait until the page has been loaded
    • Type some text in the text boxes
    • Click the submit button
  • Execute your test to confirm all is working: mozmill -b /path/to/firefox/binary -t path/to/your/test


You'll have this task done when your test contains all of the above steps, and it is running without failures. If you see failures, which you can't solve, please contact us!


Need help?

You can find us on IRC in the #automation channel.