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  1. Exploratory Testing for Mozillians

    Exploratory Manual UI Testing for Mozillians

  2. Firefox OS Exploratory Testing

    Tell us how it feels to use Firefox OS in your daily life.

  3. Firefox OS Integrated Browser

    Help us test the complete integration of the browser into Firefox OS

  4. Firefox OS Rocketbar

    Help us test the complete integration of search into Firefox OS

  5. Firefox OS Task Switcher

    Help us test switching between apps and web pages in Firefox OS

  6. Firefox OS Device Storage

    Help us test storing fiiles on the SDCard and internal memory

  7. Firefox OS Camera

    Help us test taking photos, editing them and sharing them with friends

  8. Firefox OS Video

    Help us test taking videos, playing them back and sharing them with friends

  9. Firefox OS Bluetooth

    Help us test sharing files over Bluetooth and phone integration with a Bluetooth headset

  10. Firefox OS Software Home Button

    Help us test the software home button for those phones without a dedicated hardware home button