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  1. Firefox Accounts/Sync setup

    Set up a Firefox account with Sync on a Nightly build

  2. Bookmark sync

    Sync a Bookmark between profiles

  3. Exploratory Testing for Mozillians

    Exploratory Manual UI Testing for Mozillians

  4. Exploratory Manual Testing

    Explore the cutting edge version of MozTrap, find bugs and give feedback

  5. Create a Bugzilla account

    Preliminary step to working with bugs

  6. Manual Testing: SUMO

    Manual testing for SUMO's Ask A Question flow

  7. Test the Shumway SWF player

    Test Amazon video rendered in Shumway on a Nightly build.

  8. Create a Moztrap account

    Sign up for a Moztrap account so you can start running manual and exploratory tests.

  9. Firefox OS Exploratory Testing

    Tell us how it feels to use Firefox OS in your daily life.

  10. Firefox OS Integrated Browser

    Help us test the complete integration of the browser into Firefox OS