One and Done

Install Mozmill-Crowd and run Mozmill tests

You will get familiar in how to use our 1-click test solution with Mozmill-Crowd, and how to execute our mozmill-tests.
Estimated time: 30 minutes


Install the Mozmill-Crowd extension in your Firefox.


To make it easier for our testers to get started with automated tests, we are providing a 1-click solution called Mozmill-Crowd. It automatically sets up your system with the required data, and let you directly get started. See yourself how it works.

  1. Open the extension window via Tools -> Mozmill Crowd
  2. Select a new folder in which to download the pre-requisites for Mozmill Crowd
  3. Wait until the initial actions have been completed, and the Mozmill Crowd window opens
  4. Click the Preferences button and ensure the following settings
    • The repository is the default one (current state on
    • You can choose to submit the test results to a dashboard, so you can check results later. The crowd dashboard already has a lot of user reports)
    • For the add-ons testrun, you can choose to trust unsecure add-ons, which are not hosted on
    • For the endurance testrun, you can choose how many iterations (how many times to run a single test) to run, how many entities (how many times to run specific actions inside a test), and how much time to wait between iterations (as smaller the time, as faster the testrun will finish)
  5. The first dropdown field is to select the build to test against, your current Firefox will be pre-selected. But you can also browse for another local installation (can be release, beta, aurora, nightly)
  6. The second dropdown field is to select which testrun to execute (functional, remote, l10n, endurance, addons)
  7. Click the Start button


For best results, please refrain from interacting with the computer while the tests are executed, and just watch as it finishes. This can take about 5-10 minutes depending on the testrun. Please be aware that Firefox will be frozen during that time.

Need help?

You can find us on IRC in the #automation channel.